Government of New Brunswick


A film exchange licence is required by businesses that sell, rent, lease or supply films to theatres.


To be eligible to receive a film exchange licence, candidates must submit an application to the Department of Justice and Public Safety and must pay the applicable licensing fee.


A business that intends to distribute films to movie theatres or drive-in theatres must have a film exchange licence, issued by the Department, in order to do business within New Brunswick.

A 35 mm film shall be deemed to be a new film if it is reissued five years or more after the date it was originally issued.

In Canada, movie ratings are a provincial and territorial responsibility. Nova Scotia classifies English-titled films and Quebec classifies all French titles for New Brunswick. Films are classified to help consumers decide if a movie is suitable and also to allow viewers to make an informed choice. Film bands, marked with specific classifications, are affixed to the reels of films prior to distribution to their clients.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Film exchange licence (per year: June 1 - May 31)500.001992-01-01
Film exchange 1992-01-01
  35 mm (June 1 - November 30) 250.001992-01-01
  35 mm (December 1 - May 30)250.001992-01-01
Classification of Film Bands 1992-01-01
  Copy of film more than 300 metres and not more than 600 metres, for a film exchange, intended for use or exhibition in the Province (per reel)4.001992-01-01
Advertising trailer 1992-01-01
  35 mm (not more than 150 m in length) 1.501992-01-01